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Dr. Carol Sampson, Principal

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Dear Georgia Jones-Ayers Community,

Welcome to the 2020-20201 school year! I am excited to begin our year together as we work in partnership to ensure every student at Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School is actively engaged in a rigorous learning experience while developing social-emotional skills that will foster resilience, perseverance, empathy and the ability to collaborate and communicate in a diverse learning and work community.

Our entire team is eager and excited to begin what promises to be an incredible year.  The Georgia Jones-Ayers teachers have been busy all summer long engaging in professional development to ensure they are prepared to foster learning environments that provide opportunities for students to create, collaborate, and communicate while promoting critical thinking.

This year we will continue to develop and refine PBS (Positive Behavior Support). We will support students with behavioral, social and emotional goals. The staff at Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School believes in showing their appreciation for positive behavior and demonstration of our school-wide expectations of RECONSTRUCTING EXCELLENCE. Furthermore, Students will have the opportunity to engage in service-learning projects so that our students learn the importance of helping others in our school and the local community.

One of the greatest characteristics of the Georgia Jones-Ayers learning community is the genuine care and compassion shared between staff, students, and parents. Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School is a place where staff and families come together to ensure that the children entrusted into our care grow to be productive, confident, compassionate, members of a global society. I look forward to an amazing year!



Dr. Carol R. Sampson


Ms. Xiomara Christian, Assistant Principal

It is with great humility and excitement I join the administrative team at Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School.  My MDCPS teaching career began in a 7th grade classroom and I think the middle school grades are among the most transformative years for all students.  As your assistant principal I will strive to serve all stakeholders to ensure our students reach their personal and academic goals as we “race towards the mark” this academic school year!

Mr. Jabari Hughes, Assistant Principal

I believe that all students want to better themselves. Therefore, I take pride with ensuring that all staff have the will to provide students with the best opportunities for learning. With this mindset and correct actions, Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School will continue to produce high achieving students and build a community that takes pride in education.

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