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Named after Georgia Jones-Ayers

Born on Oct. 21, 1928, in Miami, Ayers was said to have an encyclopedic knowledge of black history, especially Miami’s black history. The area of Miami that is now known as Allapattah was called Railroad Shop Colored Addition when Ayers lived there as a child. In 1947, her family and the rest of the community were removed from their homes and businesses by the city government after the School Board bought land to construct a school and park for white children.

Ayers founded the Alternative Program with Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Tom Petersen, now a senior judge. Theirs was a 40-year friendship that began in Liberty City. She was an activist who helped minority youth.








Orange Bowl Leadership Academy

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GJAMS Band Program

At GJAMS, students have the experience of playing brass or woodwind instruments, guitars, bass, drums, and piano. They also have the opportunity to sing, rap, and write songs. In class, students learn the fundamentals of music and are exposed to various styles of music.  Students also have the opportunity to audition for the newly formed GJAMS Performance Ensemble. This newly formed ensemble plays both modern and traditional music and gives the students opportunities to perform for their community.

Culinary Arts


The Fundamentals of Culinary Careers program at Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School is a basic program to develop a foundation in the work habits, techniques, and attitude necessary to obtain and retain entry-level position in the food service industry.  The purpose of this course is to teach students the basics of cooking/baking and to introduce them to the culinary/hospitality/tourism career cluster.  Topics include: the theories and methods of cooking, culinary vocabulary, and the development of safe and sanitary kitchen practices. Production items will include: vegetable and starch preparation, soups, stocks & sauces and meat & protein products, and desserts. 

GJAMS Culinary Arts Program

Jabberwock 2020

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GJAMS CTE Tech Program
Technology (CTE)

The Career and Technical Education Program at Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School is designed to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers in the Business Management and Administration career cluster.  The content of the courses offered includes but is not limited to instruction in intermediate keyboarding, intermediate word processing, intermediate electronic presentation, intermediate computer hardware, intermediate Internet, introductory spreadsheet, skills for business applications and computer science Instruction and learning activities are provided through laboratory investigations that include scientific inquiry, research, measurement, problem-solving, emerging technologies, tools and equipment, as well as, experimental, quality, and safety procedures which are integral parts of a career and technical program/course. Leadership, collaboration, communication, and soft skills are developed through CTE curriculum frameworks, field experiences, simulations, and Career and Technical Student Organizations; thus, leading to attainment of industry certifications

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